Meet the Team

Dr. Dilber

Dr. Dilber Hussain is a veterinarian, who studied veterinary medicine at the Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam. After completing the degree, he worked as a veterinary surgeon in different vet surgeries and clinics in Pakistan.
He is also working for Animal Welfare and Animal Rights in Pakistan. Besides this, he is giving lectures, some of them at the University of Animal Sciences, Lahore, and publishing articles about pet health, nutrition, diseases, and animal welfare issues.
As an expert and animal rights activist, he often has to be at a court of justice to support lawsuits regarding animal welfare.

Marcelo P.

Marcelo is a Brazilian biologist with a focus on aquariums and ornamental fish, his expertise spans across consultancy, hobbyist activities, and hands-on experiences. His journey involves extensive work in fish collection, breeding, and care, joining practical skills with academic knowledge.
In his role as a writer, he has contributed to high-profile websites and magazines through books and articles, sharing valuable insights with both budding and seasoned aquarists globally.
His work ranges from crafting biotope aquariums to delivering lectures and enhancing quarantine and breeding facilities. His core aim is to highlight the allure and importance of aquatic life. 
Marcelo P.